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It is time to gear up for the 2013 Summer Bike, Walk  & Bus Commuter Challenge

The competition begins May 28th and runs through August 16th, so get your co-workers ready to start biking or walking or going by bus!

Join the Alaska chapter of the American Institute of Architects and Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage in a friendly competition to encourage bicycle/pedestrian/public transit commuting and see which businesses can get the greatest percentage of employees commuting to work by bike, foot or bus.

Register between May 10th and May 28th

We will post the link to the website where you can register your team and your teammates can track their progress over the summer.

The competition begins on Tuesday, May 28th, 2013.  But you can join in at any time throughout the summer. The Summer Bike Challenge competition ends on August 16th.

Go to:


to register. Register yourself and your team and then share the commuter challenge link with teammates. they should be then be able to individually register and join your team.


What are the rules?

1. The businesses in each class with the highest PERCENTAGE of total employee trips to/from work made by bike, foot and bus win. 

The goal of the challenge is to get more people to go by bike, foot or transit. So we focus on the percentage of employees in your business that are going to work each day by bike, foot or transit. It is pretty simple to track. We will take the total number of employees in your business and multiply that by the number of days in the challenge (five work days per week) to determine the total # of commute trips made by your employees during the challenge (if you can count up the total vacation days we will be able to reduce the total trips days to get an accurate number of bike/ped/bus trips). You and your co-workers track the number of trips to and from work by bike, foot or bus and we will calculate your business’ overall % of commutes to and from work by bike, foot or bus. The businesses in each class with the highest percentage of commutes by bike, foot and bus win.


2. You compete among businesses of similar size.

We have divided the teams into five classes this year (see below for how to register). The business classification is based on the total number of employees, not the number of employees in your office that may bike, walk or take the bus. This encourages team captains to get as many people in their business to bike, walk or take the bus (even if it is just one trip a week) as every trip helps increase the percentage of trips by bike, foot or bus.

The Business classes (based on total # of employees) are:

  • X-Small: 1-4 employees
  • Small: 5-15 employees
  • Medium: 16 – 50 employees
  • Large: 51-200 employees
  • X-Large: More than 200 employees
You can register a division, section, branch, agency department, sector, etc. for this competition – it does not have to be the entire business (e.g. it could be a section or department of a government agency or a branch of a business – any way that makes sense for your place of work).

3. Track your trips

This year we will be using an interactive online tracking program created by Becky Boone at Resource Data Inc. Big thanks to Becky and Resource Data Inc. for creating this software and hosting!. More details will be up on how to register by May 10th.  This software will provide up-to-date results on how each team is doing in the challenge.

We have changed the rules to include those walking and taking the bus, or combining the bus with a bike commute. The tracking software will ask you your mode of choice. If you combine biking with the bus, you will have to just enter biking as your mode and include only the distance you travel by bike.

4.  This competition is for businesses located in the Anchorage bowl.

We know folks across the state want to participate but this is a challenge for Anchorage.

5. Awards, the Awards Party, and Sponsors

There will be an awards party and celebration (location and date TBD but it will be the week of August 19th). Last year we had great door prizes thanks to our amazing sponsors including:

AIA Alaska, Speedway Cycles, Alaska Railroad, REI, Steamdot, Paramount cycles, Spenard Roadhouse, Fire Island Bakery, Midnight Sun Brewery, City Diner, Great Harvest, Deb Winkelman, Alaska Club, Alaska Wildland Adventures, Beartooth, and Side Street Espresso.

And of course there will be some fantastic trophies for the winners that you can display in your office for the entire year.

Award recognition will be given in the following categories:

  • Business winners for each category
  • Most individual miles by bike and by foot (first, second and third place)
  • Most trips made (first, second and third place)

We welcome sponsors and prize donors.  Let us know if you’d like to be a sponsor and contribute to this celebration of people power.  Contact catherine@callbluesky.com to find out how you can contribute.

Watch for competition updates on BCA’s Facebook page and our website.

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  1. Jeff Rognes says:

    Under 5 above you have the competition beginning on Monday May 21, 2012

  2. Brian says:

    thanks for catching that.

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