Apr 12

Sometimes circumstances take control of our lives. Not for the month of April for Dawn Groth. Dawn, a registered nurse and BCA board member, normally has great intentions to ride her bike, take the bus, carpool or walk as many places as possible, but sometimes she says “life just seems to be so busy and the next thing you know, I have ten minutes to be at an appointment or meeting and even though I’d rather use an active form of transportation, I have to drive my car to arrive on time”. Now she plans ahead.

Starting April 1, Dawn committed to use active transportation and solidified her intentions by freezing her car keys in a bucket of water. The keys are now living at her friend’s house, out of her melting reach. “It’s been rather relaxing to not have a car, the only downside is the lack of ability to quickly go to the other side of town”. As long as she plans ahead, life is doable. She carpools with her neighbors for shopping, rides the bus downtown for events, or rides her bike for her normal 4 mile commute to work and school.

4 Responses to “Freeze Your Keys?”

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  2. Dawn says:

    thank damian!

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  4. Steven says:

    Awesome idea! – We are trying to drive less and I think the freezing the keys is just the right idea!

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