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Photo courtesy of Tim Woody, Bicycles and Icicles Blog

April 10-16 is National Volunteer Week. BCA is celebrating by hosting our 2nd annual Volunteer Roundup on April 12 from 6PM-8PM at the Midnight Sun Brewery! MSB is generously donating free beer coupons for 12 ounces of delicious local brew for the first 30  people to sign up to help with a BCA event! This year we’re trying something a little different. We’re encouraging you not just to sign up to help staff our events, but also to help coordinate them. We’d like to grow our Free & Secure Bicycle Parking Service, expand Bike Fridays Coffee & Treats for Commuters, and offer more fun group rides (like the hugely successful Veggie Spring Roll and Bike First Friday).

If you have enjoyed those BCA events, than please consider being a part of helping them flourish by taking on a leadership position as a Volunteer Coordinator. It’s easy and we will walk you through the process and support you the entire way. We just need help with the leg work. We’re also looking for Volunteer Project Managers to take on some exciting new projects we’d love to see roll forward, such as working with local businesses to sponsor more Bike Fridays Coffee & Treats stations, and provide discounts and coupons for BCA members. 

If coordinating events or managing projects just isn’t your cup of tea (or jug of brew), than please consider signing up to help park some bikes or serve coffee this summer. It’s a hoot and also a great way to help Anchorage’s cycling community thrive. 

BCA is an all-volunteer organization, and ultimately we need your help to be successful in our mission to make Anchorage more bicycle friendly. Please come to our Volunteer Roundup and learn how you can help make Anchorage more bicycle friendly!

BCA is gearing up for the summer – stay tuned for more information. Bicycle commuting to this event gives you an opportunity  to collect some ‘bicycle bucks’ during April’s Freeze My Keys Gig. Stay tuned for more information about that, too.

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