Oct 31

BCA Supporters,

Your support so far has been incredible. Over 125 comments were submitted to AMATS in support of increased funding for implementation of the Bike Plan. Now we need you to do one more important thing.

Tomorrow,  the AMATS Technical Advisory Committee will decide whether or not to recommended BCA’s proposed change to the draft allocation. This is a question about how to spend our Federal Transportation funds! Questions for the TAC include whether we should spend 20+ million dollars on Dowling? That makes our request seem small – Do we add another $2 million to the funding for Bike Plan implementation for the years 2013-2014. Implementation of the Bike Plan in a piecemeal fashion will take years. This effort would allow the city to take significant steps forward to implement the core bike lane routes throughout the city. This would in turn lead to a significant increase in bicycle use. A variety of benefits stem from increased bicycle use including less traffic congestion, a more livable city, healthier lifestyles, less money spent on gas, and recent studies are confirming that bicycling is good for business too.

Come on out and let AMATS TAC know why bike plan implementation is important to you.

Where & When: Main Conference Room, Planning and Development Center, 4700 Elmore Road   

November 1, 2012 — 2:30 – 4:30 PM 


Have questions or need more info?  Contact BCA volunteer Todd Logan at tjloganak@gmail.com. And if you plan on coming out send Todd an email so we can have an idea of how many bicyclists will be there.



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