May 27

Thanks to everyone who rode last Friday, May 18 for BTWD! Anchorage had an increase of 16% over last year, for a grand total of 4,106 cyclists counted at 14 key intersections. BTWD traffic has increased 168% since 2007!

And a special Thank You to all the sponsors who made the Greenstar / BCA Bacon Station possible! The next time you visit one of these sponsors, please thank them for their support:
Green Star
Spenard Roadhouse
Great Harvest Bread
Midnight Sun Brewery
The Bicycle Shop

Don’t forget about the BTWD Survey, linked top center on the Bike to Work page. The survey will conclude at the end of May. The registration prizes (Chain Rx bike, Gina Edwards print) and survey prizes (including recently-added Dos Manos, Grassroots, Silk Sushi and AK Rock Gym donations) will be awarded in early June.

Traffic Skills 101, June 10 9AM-5PM, 4700 Elmore Road
The Smart Cycling class Traffic Skills 101 training includes a series of parking lot drills and hazard avoidance techniques. Students learn and practice everything from fixing a flat, to intersection positioning, to advanced techniques for merging with traffic, traffic law and riding confidently on streets with traffic. This is a comprehensive eight hour class geared towards helping folks become more confident and competent cyclists. The cost is $65. Pre-register with Lori Schanche at

LCI Seminar June 15-17
Are you an experienced cyclist who is interested in teaching others about safe cycling? If so, you may be interested in becoming a League Certified Instructor (LCI). LCIs have access to the entire syllabus of classes available from the League of American Bicyclists, and use their teaching skills to help people of all ages learn to be better cyclists. You can find more information about the classes you could be certified to teach here.
There is an Anchorage LCI seminar tentatively scheduled for June 15-17 (classes will probably begin Friday early evening and go all through Saturday and most of Sunday). Prerequisites for the seminar include League of American Bicyclists membership ($40) and a Traffic Skills class (see above). Contact Anne Schlapia at to for more information. I think the deadline to register is fast upon us, so if you are interested contact Anne ASAP.

2012 Summer Bike Challenge
Have you enrolled in The Summer Bike Challenge from the Alaska Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage? It’s a fun way to compete against similar-size businesses and see who can build up the most miles!

Enjoy The Ride, Bike The Drive!

May 17
May 18, 2012 Bike to Work Day Bike Stations – Click here for Google Map

May 18, 2012 Bike to Work Day Bike Stations
May 18th is Bike to Work Day. There will be bike stations across Anchorage providing treats, juice, coffee, etc. to bike commuters.Bike Stations came out of BCA Bike Fridays – an effort to encourage people to get to work by bike at least one day a week. Consider leaving the car at home and enjoying the morning commute for a change!
BCA/Greenstar/HSS Bacon StationLocation:  Chester Creek trail just east of the Seward HighwaySchedule: 6:45-9:00
Description: Bacon – of course. Steamdot Coffee, Great Harvest Bread Cookies, and other treats. American Diabetes Assoc., Bike MS, Alaska Center for the Environment and American Red Cross will be out there too.
Chain Reaction Cycles/REILocation: Elmore and Abbott
Schedule: 6:30 AM to 8:30 AMDescription: If you happen to be in the area, stop by the Chain Reaction aid station at the corner of Elmore and Abbott. Treats courtesy of House of Bread. Our location will be open from 6:00am to 8:30am.
CRW Engineering Group CReW.Location: Tudor and C St (for Bike to Work Day) northeast corner near the big red fish
Schedule: 6:30 to 8:30 AM
Description: Stop by for Coffee, Rolls and Water – and other treats to keep you fueled on your way in to work.
Alaska Regional HospitalLocation: Glenn Highway Multi-use bike path at Muldoon intersection.
Schedule: We planned 6:30 to 8:30 am.
Description: coffee, water, and snacks.
RIM ArchitectsLocation: G and 9th at the Park Strip
Schedule: 6:45am – 8:45amDescription: coffee, water and various treats
PDC Inc. Engineers & Bettisworth North Trail Angels Smoothie StopLocation:  A Street and Benson              Schedule: 6:30-8:30             Description: Smoothies (courtesy of Acai Ak), Bananas, Muffins, Water, and a drawing for every rider.
ANTHC/SouthCentral FoundationLocation: Corner of Elmore and Ambassador Drive
Schedule: 6:30-8:30amDescription: Blueberry Station (blueberry inspired breakfast for bicyclists!)
FedExLocation:  W International and Spenard Rd
Schedule: 0630-0830
Description: First BTWD FedEx Treat Stand! Come by for hot coffee, cocoa, fruit, energy bars and FedEx goodies!
USKH’s TLC Station (Treats, Lube (+air) and Camaraderie)Location: 2515 “A” Street (Corner of A and 26th)
Schedule: 7:00 – 9:00
Description: Treat Station will be operating 7:00 – 9:00 and include caramel cinnamon bars, fresh fruit, and coffee
Thompson & Co. PR and Alaska Downtown PartnershipLocation: 445 West 9th Avenue
Schedule: Set up about 6:30 a.m. Bike to Work Day event 7 – 9 a.m.
Description: We are partnering this year with Kaladi Brothers Coffee and the Anchorage Downtown Partnership. We will be providing coffee, prizes for Bike to Work Dy participants, and breakfast morning snacks.
Bayshore ClubhouseLocation: Dimond & Victor near entrance to Campbell Creek Trail
Schedule: 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM
Description: Bike maps, water, treats
Earthscape, Progressive Physical Therapy, Fire Island BakeryLocation: Covy Cafe at Westchester LagoonSchedule: 7-9 am



May 15


There is nothing better than riding your bike and getting a whiff of bacon in the gentle breeze.

ANCHORAGE, AK – Attention all cyclists, stop by the popular Bacon Station on East Chester Creek Trail on Bike to Work Day, Friday, May 18th from 6:30 AM to 9:00 AM.

Thanks to the Spenard Roadhouse, the Bacon Station is equipped with 500 strips of bacon for anyone who rides their bikes to work!

This is always a fun time as Anchorage-ites get to show off their new, vintage, hybrid, road, mountain, and recumbent bicycles on the bike trails and highlight how we can all get to work in a healthier and fun way, keeping that keeps money in our pockets and smiles on our faces.

The Bacon Station is on one of the main trail thoroughfares for bike commuters, with hundreds of cyclists passing through and celebrating Bike to Work Day. Green Star, Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage, and the Muni Department of Health and Human Services will be doling out bacon, Great Harvest Bread cookies, Steamdot coffee, and Midnight Sun Brewery fizzies. Reflectosaurus will be on hand to demonstrate how we can all make ourselves more visible. The Bicycle Shop is also donating a limited number of bike lights for riders.

There will be plenty of high fives and thumbs ups to bicyclists including Assembly member Jennifer Johnston as well as Chief Mew of the Anchorage Police Department. In addition, Bike MS, the American Red Cross, the American Diabetes Association and the Alaska Center for the Environment will be out to highlight the great work they are all doing and how you can participate in some of the great events planned this summer.

“Last year 3300 bicyclists participated in Bike to Work Day, more than twice as many participants as five years ago, a dramatic increase in the number of people using their bike as a viable, cost-saving and fun means of transportation.” said Brian Litmans, president of Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage. With the numbers of bicyclists already out biking to work, school, recreating or running errands, we expect to see even more people biking to work on May 18th.

In addition to saving money, riding a bike to work is better for your health and the environment. “Biking a three-mile trip instead of driving keeps 15 pounds of pollutants out of the air. Plus, the average person loses 13 pounds during the first year of bike commuting,” said Kim Kovol, executive director of Green Star.

The Bacon Station is not the only energizer station available to cyclists on BTWD. There will be an additional 11 stations throughout Anchorage! See the map for the location(s) nearest you! How many stations are on your route? Maybe you could visit them all!

Where: East Chester Creek Trail @ Woodside Park (east of the Seward Highway, on E 20th Ave)
When: Friday, May 18th
Time: 6:30am – 9am


May 11

The committee is meeting next Tuesday at 6pm May 15th, at the Sugarspoon (2601 Spenard Road, across the street from Bosco’s and Organic Oasis). Anyone interested in participating is encouraged to attend. Our primary purpose is to actively monitor all road and trail projects in the Anchorage area and provide input to planners. The idea is to get ahead of the curve instead of missing key public comment periods.

May 11

Bike To Work Day, May 18


Workplace team signed up? Check!

Bike tuned up? Check!

Made plans to stop by the Greenstar / BCA Bacon Station? Check!


OK folks, T-7 days and counting to BTWD! If you haven’t signed up your workplace team yet, now is the time! Make sure your bike is tuned up and the tires are pumped up so that you’ll be ready to go next Friday morning. The Greenstar / BCA Bacon Station will be back and better than ever! It’s at the same place, Chester Creek trail near where the trail goes under the Seward Highway. Rumor has it there will be lots of newcomers, including the American Red Cross and Midnight Sun Brewery (did I mention free MSB beer coupons to participating cyclists).


Creek Cleanup, May 19

For those of us that use the creek greenbelt trails this is a great time to give a little back. There are lots of different opportunities to volunteer for this, as volunteers are needed for picking up trash, or hauling the filled trash bags via bike trailers, or helping park bikes at the barbecue (noon to 2 PM). For trash pickup or hauling you can pick a location that is convenient for you. Contact Matt at to volunteer. See the website for more information.


East Anchorage District Plan, May 22 6PM-8:30PM

Do you live, work, shop, or play in East Anchorage? Do you have ideas on how to improve trails, connectivity, and bike infrastructure in the area? Would you like to help shape active transportation in East Anchorage? If so, May 22 from 6PM-8:30PM at Begich Middle School (7740 Creekside Center Dr) is your opportunity to provide input in to the East Anchorage District Plan. Refreshments will be provided.

This is a unique opportunity to weigh in on the future of development in East Anchorage!
Workshop PDF

May 08

May 9th Is National Bike to School Day. To celebrate Bike to School Day and in an effort to inspire students and teachers to bike to school, we have found an especially uplifting and inspiring story about a 6th grader who loves to bike. We hope you enjoy this story as much as we do and that Nathan’s story inspires you to go by bike.  And with that, I am excited to offer the second in BCA’s series, I Bike Anchorage.

Brian Litmans, BCA Board President

Nathan Shuttleworth: Leading a new generation into year-round bike commuting

by Tim Woody

Any cynical adult meeting Nathan Shuttleworth for the first time is likely to be overcome by a restored feeing of optimism. This is the kid you want living next door: smart, unerringly polite, and inquisitive. And, at the age of 12, he’s a year-round bicycle commuter in Anchorage.

Nathan first started riding a bike to school at Kasuun Elementary a couple of years ago when he was in fourth grade. But this past winter, he took it up a notch and rode through winter after investing in studded tires with money he had received for his birthday and earned by clearing snow from a neighbor’s driveway.

“I’m in debt right now. I owe my parents money,” Nathan said after mentioning that he also recently upgraded to a new bike, a Novara Bonita, because his old bike was “completely trashed.”

But like most bike commuters, he can’t help himself. “I love to ride. I always thought it was fun to ride to school. It’s easier than walking.”

Nathan is simply inspiring, said his school librarian, Amy Dalton, who is a year-round bike commuter herself. Since Nathan started riding in winter, even his teacher has started riding to school, Amy said.

“Here’s a boy that just stands out in a crowd. He surpasses any kid that we have deemed a leader, just by example, and the way he conducts himself every day,” Amy said. “I just adore this kid.

“There’s just not too many Nathans out there. He’s not looking to be like everybody else.”

That’s a good thing for a sixth-grader who pedals through dark, snowy mornings while many of his friends are happy to hitch a ride in their parents’ SUVs. “Some of them think it’s kind of weird that I’m the only one riding to school,” Nathan said.

He admits that environmental concerns are a factor in his decision to travel by bike, but Nathan says it’s really just more fun. His younger sister’s babysitter routinely offers him rides to school, but he prefers to pedal.

His ride to Kasuun is short — a mile or less, each way — so Nathan is looking forward to middle school next year for the simple reason that it’s farther away and he’ll be able to ride longer.

He already has supportive parents, but he’s hoping to find a more supportive school, where maybe the bike racks won’t be buried by snowplows, and maybe the administrators won’t discourage winter biking, as happens at his current school.

Anchorage’s elementary school administrators may not be ready for 12-year-old winter bike commuters, but that’s probably because they’ve never previously encountered a kid like Nathan Shuttleworth.

He’s a force of nature in the form of a determined and independent boy.

Who knows? He might even be a force for change.


This is the second in a series of I Bike Anchorage stories  about the city’s devoted bicycle commuters — riders who see bikes not as toys, but as a viable means of transportation for getting to work and school, shopping, and running errands. These profiles will appear quarterly and be written by Tim Woody, a year-round bike commuter and author of a blog called Bicycles & Icicles. If you would like to nominate a profile subject, drop Tim an email at Tell him a little about the person’s commuting habits and why he/she has an interesting story to tell.

May 07
 Join Green Star  and BCA
at the Bike to Work Day Festival
at the Bear Tooth Theatrepub

new 2012 btw logo
Stop by the Bear Tooth Theatrepub at 1230 W. 27th Ave. between 5pm and 7:30pm, tonight!  That’s Monday, May 7th.  We’ll be presenting two bikes, courtesy of Off the Chain, to two worthy recipients who have demonstrated their need for alternative transportation, as part of the “Back to Work/Bike to Work” program.

Then stay for a showing of “The Boy With A Bike.”

Don’t forget to register your Bike to Work Day team while you’re there.

Bike valet parking available, thanks to Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage.

Brought to you by Green Star, the Municipality of Anchorage Department of Health & Human Services, Off the Chain, Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage, and Bear Tooth Theatrepub.

Questions about this event?  Email Green Star.




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