Mar 24

What: Freeze My Keys


  1. Encourage more bicycle commuting
  2. Support locally-owned, small businesses
  3. Prepare you early for the bicycle riding season
  4. Provides you an occasion to educate friends, family, and businesses about the joys or opportunities to improve safety and pleasure of bicycle commuting

Option 1 Freeze your car keys and use your bicycle to commute EVERYWHERE you need to go. A Scorecard for you to track your success will be electronically mailed to you. To qualify for grand prize, you must accumulate a minimum of 50 points and send a digital photo of your frozen keys to BCA facebook or

Option 2 Don’t freeze your keys, and try to ride more than you normally would. A Scorecard will be sent to you as encouragement tool to chart your progress. You must score a minimum of 50 points to qualify for grand prize.

Price: free!

Prizes: Option 1 and Option 2 bicycle commuters must collect 50 points to qualify for prizes. Max 4 pts per day, you must collect signatures from businesses you visit. You are educating the public about bicycle commuting. Keep up the great work!

Great randomly awarded prizes for those who collect at least 50 points on their scorecard

  • $500 gift certificate to The Sport Shop
  • 2 Round Trip Tickets on Alaska Railroad, Anchorage-Denali, compliments of ARR and BCA Don Worthley
  • $100 gift certificate to Alaska Industrial Hardware
  • A bottle of Croft Vineyard Organic Wine, Pinot Noir, compliments of BCA, Lee Croft
  • A bottle of Croft Vineyard Organic Wine, Pinot Noir
  • A bottle of Croft Vineyard Organic Wine, Pinot Gris
  • Gift Certificate for one of four hour-long body massages, compliments of certified massage therapist and BCA, Allison Kelley
  • Every woman (who earns min 50 pts)  to receive a piece of art jewelry from Deb’s Alaskabike Jewelry, compliments of artist and BCA, Deb Winkleman
  • Every commuter wins a specially-made bar of organic bicycle soap from Denali Dreams Soap Company, compliments of soap makers and BCA, Janie Taylor, Barb Marsh, Carol Hazeltine, and Austin Marsh
  • Every commuter wins a $4 Coupon for Alaska Pacific University, Spring Creek Farm Fresh Vegetables delivered to Spenard Farmer’s Market, compliments of farmers-extraordinaire, Mimi and Ben

When: April 1-May 1, 2011

Who: Those who recognize bicycling makes you feel and look great, and it’s great way to ‘get around’!

Kick off party: Friday, April 1, 5:45-6:15 at Bike First Friday. Meet at Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge (midtown). Bring a key to ‘group freeze’ (yes, i’m serious)

Register: Send an email to In the subject field type “freezemykeys”. On March 31 your scorecard will be sent electronically. Scorecard is still in development phase as businesses are registering daily with nearly 60 different business or commuter locations you typically need, or want, to visit.

Wrap-up celebration: Grand prizes and participation prizes given out only at University Mall, May 6th 5:00-8:30pm during the Bike to Work Bike Festival. Must be present to win, or send your proxy with your scorecard.  Drawing to be held at 7pm.

Scorecard: On March 31 the scorecard will be electronically sent to all participants and participating businesses.

Businesses committed: Doriola’s, Cafe Amsterdam, The Sport Shop, Bosco’s Comics, Organic Oasis, APU Spring Creek Farm, Denali Dreams Soap Company, Dos Manos, Dark Horse Coffee, Laughing Lotus Yoga, Metro Music and Books, Bottoms Boutique, Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge, B&J’s Sporting Goods, Alaska Industrial Hardware, Inc, Alaska Railroad, Croft Vineyards,Allison Kelley

Commonly asked Question: As a small business owner, how do I become a micro-donor?

Send an email to Businesses are evaluated according to certain criteria. The micro donation is $100 to purchase a business spot on the scorecard.

Already registered riders—john weddleton,lorri winchester,bob voris,gloria clendaniel,ellen grover,kathleen mccoy,kimberly riggs,john hettinger,carole holley,amber bethe,diane peck,anne doubek,erik lantzman,donald worthley,claudia pearson,william theobald,dana bruden,mark heysell,brian gutzwiller,stephen cleary,kevin turinsky,christina grande, laura swier kotleman, janice swier, brian ross, greg henrikson,jae shin,mark haldane,tom parker,joy mcLaurin,guadalupe marroquin,susan lamasko,marcia howell,j louie,karol fink,christine keene,daniel flores,louke ellenbroek,peter tallman,dawn groth,sue miller,sara lucey,jedediah smith,damian schroder,shane serrano,andrew sorensen,scott lytle,victoria allen,nino muniz,tom newins,laurie northey,howard teas,john lackey,barry romberg,laura norton-cruz,tim woody,jan johnson,ben neff,quenna szafran,tab ballantine,brian litmans,brandon telford,eric adams,oscar avellaneda,lisa holzapfel,william tyrell,brij potnis,anna hoffman,tracie harris,paul kotelman,deb winkleman,david vetsch,nathan bosch,tracie harris,anna hoffman,mary logan,tara aubry,lindsay clark,meg kurtagh,lois epstein,jason collins,sarah glaser,matthew mannhardt,tia quilter,david evans,diana evans,bill klemme,mariko kinikin,allison kelley,sophie littee,toby allen,mike juvrud,amber myers,heather rice,steven pearson,jennifer strauss,lee croft,kathleen estes,marcia davis,merlin hamre,cory hinds,lucas olaughlin,megan piersma,brooke merrell,barb marsh,carol hazeltine,janie taylor,jim vorderstrasse,regan sarwas,eric geisler,jenny redick…(visualize your name here)

Continue to check back as details are firmed up. I will send a few emails from This gmail account will contact you about this event only.

Frequently Asked Q’s

For spring riding tips visit:

Happy Riding!



Mar 23

It’s here again…. Bike First Friday!!


On Thursday, March 31, print off April’s ibike bingo sheet and Bike Bingo April 2011 Ma. Then at 5:45, on Friday April 1, meet up with friends or strangers at Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge in midtown (Caution: You won’t find us at the downtown Chocolate Lounge). We will cycle around midtown flashmobbing and high-browing art galleries, chatting up strangers, and munching hor devours at the First Friday events.

Then about 8:30 pm, after we have enjoyed enough bicycling, we will pop into Cafe Amsterdam (530 E Benson, Metro Music and Books Mall) to socialize, brag about all our bingos’, or exercise your option to buy your host a glass of wine.

This group is open to all— baby chariots, tandems, recumbents, fatties, and men in skirts.

Dig out your fenders and rubber boots, the late afternoons are becoming a sludgefest.

As always, remember to follow the rules of the road. You are BCA’s Bicycle Ambassadors.

We will also be kicking off April’s Freeze My Keys Campaign. Stay tuned, it’s hard to do it ALL!

Find me at, or cell 720-3580 for any questions.

Mar 23

Mar 21

Upcoming Event~ You like FUN?

Photo courtesy of Tim Woody, Bicycles and Icicles Blog


Then come have some fun! April 10-16 is National Volunteer Week. BCA is celebrating by hosting our 2nd annual Volunteer Roundup on April 12 from 6PM-8PM at the Midnight Sun Brewery! MSB is generously donating free beer coupons for 12 ounces of delicious local brew for the first 30 volunteers who sign up to help with a BCA event! This year we’re trying something a little different. We’re encouraging you and a friend to help coordinate our events. We’d like to grow our Free & Secure Bicycle Parking Service, expand Bike Fridays Coffee & Treats for Commuters, and offer more fun group rides (like the hugely successful Veggie Spring Roll and Bike First Friday).

We know you enjoy BCA events, so become a part of helping them flourish by taking on a leadership position as a Volunteer Coordinator. It’s easy and we will walk you through the process and support you the entire way. We’re also looking for Volunteer Project Managers to take on some exciting new projects we’d love to see roll forward, such as working with local businesses to sponsor more Bike Fridays Coffee & Treats stations, and provide discounts and coupons for BCA members. 

If coordinating events or managing projects just isn’t your cup of tea (or jug of brew), than please consider signing up to help park some bikes or serve up some- get-ur-bad-self-rolling- coffee this summer. It’s a hoot and also a great way to wake up cyclists. You will be known as a superhero! 

You know BCA is an all-volunteer organization, and you know your efforts are essential to make Anchorage more bicycle friendly. Come to our Volunteer Roundup to be a BCA leader and help make Anchorage more bicycle friendly!

BCA is gearing up for the summer – stay tuned for more information.

ps. Bicycle commuting to this event provides you an opportunity to score points during April’s Freeze My Keys Gig. Stay tuned for more information.


Mar 18

You have two options April 1- April 30th:

  1. Freeze your keys in water and send a pic to BCA
  2. Commuter as much as possible to as many locations as you can and score points

Then, May 6th, as part of Bike First Friday, come to the Bike-Fest party at University Mall. How Fun, eh? Stay tune, or better yet, get tuned!

Mar 16

Clean Air Challenge Alaska bannerRegistration is now open for the American Lung Association’s 26th Clean Air Challenge. The Clean Air Challenge is a tradition for all walks of life in Alaska. Join the 60-mile ride from Houston to Talkeetna or decide to do the full, two-day, 120 mile ride from Houston to Talkeetna and back! The Clean Air Challenge is a way to honor those that have fought, lost and WON their battle against lung disease. Join ALAA in the fight for air!

Mar 09

At the League of American Bicyclists 2011 National Bike Summit, the League named the 2011 recipients of the Bicycle Friendly Business designation.  In Anchorage, we have two more businesses to add to the growing list of League-recognized bicycle friendly businesses.   REI-Anchorage was designated at the Bronze level while Alaska Pacific Univ. got an honorable mention. 

The Bicycle Friendly Business program recognizes employers’ efforts to encourage a more bicycle friendly atmosphere for employees and customers. The program honors innovative bike-friendly efforts and provides technical assistance and information to help companies and organizations become even better for bicyclists.

Congratulations to REI and APU for your efforts to encourage and support bicycle use in Anchorage.

If you are a business that is interested in applying for Bicycle Friendly Business designation please feel free to contact BCA for assistance in the application process.


Mar 07

The State of Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (DOT&PF) is continuing the effort to “Connect Anchorage” by improving east-west travel along West Dowling Road from Old Seward Highway to Minnesota Drive and will be holding a public meeting on Thursday, March 10 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at Northern Lights ABC Elementary School located at 2424 East Dowling Road.

This public meeting will be held in an open-house format and will provide information on the Campbell Creek Trail, located on land along the West Dowling Road Project corridor that will receive federal funding through the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). Funding for the LWCF requires the land to be permanently dedicated to outdoor recreation use. The road improvement project’s acquisition of less than one-half acre of the LWCF land and substitution of adjacent land results in a LWCF Section 6(f) conversion.

DOT&PF invites you to this open-house public meeting on the LWCF conversion. The meeting will provide an opportunity for the project team to present information on the proposed improvements to the Campbell Creek Trail. Public questions will be answered and comments gathered.

To submit a question, comment or concern, contact:

Alison Lohrke


4041 B Street

Anchorage, AK 99503

Mar 05

We wanted to let you know HB 57 will be heard by the Alaska State Legislature House Transportation committee on March 10 at 1 PM. This bill (sponsored by Representatives Seaton and Gruenberg) helps fund programs that encourage folks to use bicycles for transportation. Here is the bill:

“An Act authorizing municipalities and nonprofit organizations to sponsor a program to encourage the safe use of bicycles as a mode of transportation, and amending the duties of the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities to include administration of state funds appropriated for that purpose.”‘

You can read the bill here

If this sounds like a good idea to you, please consider providing testimony to the Transportation committee. Please contact the Anchorage Legislative Information Office at (907) 269-0111, or by email at If you aren’t available to call your testimony in, you can provide written testimony, just make sure to touch base with the LIO to ensure your testimony gets to the House Transportation committee in time.

Mar 01

What:  BCA’s Bike First Friday, Springtime is here! Time to reconnect with real people.
When: March 4th 5:45p-10pm
Where: Start at Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge (midtown) at 5:45 pm
Finish at Cafe Amsterdam after 8:30pm
Who: everyone who wants to visit art galleries, enjoy a beverage, socialize with friends/family and celebrate bicycling in the 2009 Bicycle Friendly Community of Anchorage
Cost: free

This BCA event is designed to encourage you to enjoy First Friday in Anchorage, the non-motorized way, on your bike!

This month’s event is all about reconnecting with real people. That means we bicyclist are going to speak with real people on this month’s Bike First Friday. Start by printing off or downloading the March 4 Signature Sheet. Flash mob with the group by meeting at Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge (midtown) at 5:45pm Friday, March 4th or ‘go it alone with your own peeps’, then meet up with the cycling flashmobbers at Cafe Amsterdam after 8:30pm to enjoy good grub and suds.

BCA is working on sustainability. The all-volunteer BCA board is asking for the community of Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage to help with special projects in order to allow the board members time and energy to concentrate on strategic planning. Please give a big THANK YOU to Bob Voris for agreeing to organize and lead this month’s Bike First Friday. He is your SuperHero!

Together, all bicyclists contribute to Anchorage’s bicycle friendly city and changes in the culture of transportation! yeah, pioneers!

You can help the movement by posting this event to your facebook page. Wouldn’t it be fun if First Friday became known as the bicycling event of the month, EVERY MONTH?

shoot me your Q’s at or hear a real voice at cell 720-3580. And, I need someone to volunteer to take as many great pics as possible,  you will be helping the mission. Post your pics on BCA’s facebook.


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