May 28

Did you participate in Bike to Work Day? Did you consider participating but decided not too. Did you not know it was Bike to Work Day last week? Regardless, we need you to take the survey by June 1st.

Please complete the survey so we can find out why you rode, what challenged you, whether you combined your ride with public transit, and where you started and where you finished! Your responses help BCA and its partners improve bicycle commuting. Last year your road conditions comments and connectivity issues statements were shared with legislators, transportation officials, and used during assembly testimony to support the Bike Plan.

Click here to take the survey….. Sorry, survey closed June 1

(you also can win prizes by taking the survey)

May 22

A Pedal Powered Food Garden Tour & Salad and Salmon BBQ. BCA leaders will take you on a bicycle tour of 5-6 food gardens. This is an opportunity to learn how easy it is to grow your own food, reduce your food costs, and eat deliciously, healthy munchies you grow! We’ll collect salad greens along the tour to contribute to our salmon and salad potluck. Limited number of participants. You must contact Dawn at 338-0484, or to register. $10 donation to BCA appreciated. Fabulous turnout! stay tuned for the August Harvest Roll, 2010.

May 21

This Monday, May 24th, we will be meeting for an informal fun ride down the Coastal Trail, from Westchester Lagoon to the Chalet in Kincaid Park.  We’ll be meeting around 4:30pm at the intersection of the Coastal and Chester Creek trails (view map) and leaving around 4:45pm.  We should arrive at the Rachel Carson Celebration before it starts at 6pm.  For more information about the 10th Annual Rachel Carson Celebration please click here.

May 16

It is Bike to Work week and Friday is Bike to Work Day. To celebrate, BCA, along with Chain Reaction Cycles and ANTHC, will be out in the morning handing out treats, coffee, and juice to bicycle commuters.

This year, Anchorage bicycle commuters will have their choice of five energizer stations to choose from:

BCA’s Bacon Station at East Chester Park and New Seward, right off the Chester Creek bike trail (across from Shiloh Baptist Church), for fresh bacon courtesy of the Spenard Roadhouse! We’ll have Raven’s Brew coffee, treats from Rise And Shine Bakery, and cookies from Great Harvest! We’ll also have some handy bike safety gear for sale at a nominal price, and some fun give aways thanks to ConocoPhillips, Paramount Cycles and REI!

- Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Bike Station – at 4000 Ambassador Drive, from 7 AM to 9 AM (Tudor and Elmore).

- Chain Reaction Cycles Energizer Station at Elmore and Abott from 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM. (a welcomed new addition for south anchorage commuters brought to you by Chain Reaction!)

- BCA’s Campbell Creek Energizer Station near  the Seward Highway, 7 AM to 9 AM.

- BCA’s Westchester Lagoon Energizer Station from 7 AM to 9 AM

Gosh, why not visit them all? You can report back to us on which station had the best coffee and delicious treats! No matter where you wind up on Friday, BCA hopes you have a great ride! We look forward to seeing everyone out there!

Team BCA
Rob Lynch, Erik Grafe, Carina Uraiqat, Michal Stryszak, Liz Perry, Dawn Groth, Rudy Owens, Rebecca Noblin, John Weddleton, Bev Rideout, Connie Wood, Tom Burke, Tracy Hess, Youssef Barbour, Breanna Mahoney, Monica Glenn, Bonnie Long, Patricia Atchison, Darrel Hamel, Amber, Smotnik, Linda Harrington, Nathan Eastman, Thad Wilkerson, Dave Arthen, Mark Thorndike, Barbara Rowland, Dean Potter, Marvin E. Colbert, Jr., John Monfils, Marta Mueller , Mary Logan, Todd Logan, Zoe Schanche, Eve VanDommelen, Lang VanDommelen, Frank Cahill, Kneeley Taylor, Kevin Cassity, Megan McBride, Mr. Alger, Jeff Kellerd…

May 12

Southcentral Foundation and Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium are teaming up at The Alaska Native Medical Center (ANMC) to celebrate the entire Bike to Work week with fun things scheduled most days of the week.

Click on the link below to register with Team ANMC if your are an employee. Everything else is open to the entire Anchorage community.

Check out the link to find out when to have your bike tuned for free, attend a lunch and learn some activity tips and suggestions to make your commute safe, enjoyable, and fun.

Schedule your day, Friday May 21 to stop in for a free breakfast, and return after work to enjoy free pizza and live music.

Alaska Native Medical Center is the party place of the city to celebrate Bike to Work Week. All events open to the entire Anchorage community.BTWD 2010, ANTHC

May 10

It was a beautiful weekend for the Clean Air Challenge. The Clean Air Challenge is a bike ride from Houston to Talkeetna and back to raise money for the American Lung Association in Alaska (ALAA) . Riders stay overnight in the Talkeetna Lodge and return to Houston in the morning. Each leg is 60 miles. BCA’s own John Hettinger was a participant and raised over 500 dollars for the ALAA.

Over 300 bikes organized in the Talkeetna Lodge parking lot

Over 300 bikes organized in the Talkeetna Lodge parking lot

BCA helped organize bike security for the event. There were about 340 participants. As riders came in volunteers accepted the bikes and parked them into rows based on the participant’s bib number. The next morning we retrieved bikes and broke down the bike parking area.

BCA's own John Hettinger participates in the event

This was the 25th year for the Clean Air Challenge.  The event  has a lot of history and many of the participants and volunteers return year after year. I saw a participant that had a picture of girl taped to her back and I asked her for the story. The girl in the picture was a childhood friend that died from an asthma attack at the age of 18. She would have been celebrating her 30th birthday 2 days before the event. Another participant was a lung cancer survivor and currently battling brain cancer. That didn’t seem to affect her riding; she was the second participant to show up in Talkeetna.  It was a touching experience and I am glad BCA is now of part of the tradition.

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