Apr 27

You can now register for the 6th annual Anchorage Bike to Work Day 

To register a workplace team, send an e-mail to this address: BiketoWork@muni.org. Be sure to:

  1. Type what you want to call your team in the subject line of the e-mail
  2. Give the name, phone number and e-mail address of the team captain or contact for the team.  Contacts and name of an alternate are also stronlgy advised.
  3. Provide the name and tee shirt size of all riders (including captains if they will ride). Contacts are only needed for captains.
  4. A sample registration can be found here.

A drawing for team shirts will take place again this year.  Team registration will continue, but drawing for shirts will close at 5:00 PM May 10.  This will allow tme for the drawing, for contacting winning team captains and for distributing shirts prior to Bike to Work Week.

The Bike to Work survey link will also be posted to this site during Bike to Work Week.  Green Star, Inc. is accepting prizes for the survey drawing from business supporters; contact Lilly at  278-7859.

The League of American Bicyclists named May 17-21, 2010 “Bike to Work Week” and Friday, May 21 “Bike to Work Day”.  Anchorage plans to allign with this schedule, with some accommodation for those not working Friday and teachers with panniers too small to pack a year’s worth of classroom materials.

Apr 27

Saturday, May 1

Time: 11 am – 12:30pm
Meet at Town Square Park on the 5th Ave. side

Tour Route:

This (kid friendly!) Jane’s Roll Bicycle Tour will examine the strengths and weaknesses of the downtown Anchorage area for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Participants will view Cook Inlet, ride to Westchester Lagoon on the Coastal Trail, wind through South Addition, view a couple of 1% for Art installations, and finish up at Town Square Park. There will be numerous stops for group reflection about local and national trends regarding community livability and existing and hoped-for bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure.

Tour Leaders:
Lois Epstein – An engineer and Director of Alaska Transportation Priorities Project, a non-profit organization which promotes sensible transportation systems and policies in Alaska.

Dawn Groth
– A practicing nurse, museum docent, and APU outdoor and environmental education graduate student whose interest is active transportation.  She is a Board member of Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage.

Apr 21

Hi Folks,

There are several road improvement projects on the horizon and these provide
good opportunities to let the planners know that bike facilities/infrastructure
need to be considered.

Where did the bike lane go? The concept drawing for the Dowling bridge design.

Where did the bike lane go? A drawing of the bridge design.

The West Dowling Road extension project is currently taking comments.
At first glance, the schematics for the project look pretty good for bicyclists
and pedestrians. There is a 6 foot wide shoulder and a multi-use path. The
shoulder however WILL NOT be striped as a bike lane if DOT gets its way. Alaska
DOT is taking a very unfortunate position. DOT is asserting that they will not
paint bike lanes unless the Municipality agrees to maintain the on-road bike
lane painted striping and markings.  However, DOT has no such requirements for
the other on-road stripings for the motor vehicle lanes. This is a DOT project
and a DOT maintained road.  DOT is shirking its responsibilities and failing to
comply with the recent Federal Department of Transportation policy set out by
Secretary LaHood that requires state DOTs to treat bicycle and pedestrian
transportation equally with motor vehicle transportation.

You can learn more about the project here and

submit your comments here. They can be brief. Just let them know they need to
include bike lanes. DOT has already stated that they haven’t heard from many
folks on this project. Lets change that!
http://www.dowlhkm.com/projects/wdowlingroad/Comments.htm .

You can see a copy of comments submitted on this project  in the comments to this post.

Apr 21

BCA wanted to thank everyone that came out last night to the Midnight Sun Brewery to celebrate the passage of the Anchorage Bike Plan, rejoice in spring by rolling the bike out of the garage and throwing your names down on our volunteer sign up sheets. BCA has many events planned this summer and to make them all a go we need people from the Anchorage bicycling community to volunteer a

Bicyclists descend upon Midnight Sun Brewery to celebrate the Ancvhorage Bike Plan and support BCA. Photo courtesy of Tim Woody, Bicycles and Icicles Blog

little bit of your time. Whether helping out with our Bike Fridays Coffee and Treats bike stations,  Bike Valet Parking  at major summer festivities, or providing organizational help, we just can’t do it with out you. If you want to get involved send us an email at info@bicycleanchorage.org.

Apr 12

Sometimes circumstances take control of our lives. Not for the month of April for Dawn Groth. Dawn, a registered nurse and BCA board member, normally has great intentions to ride her bike, take the bus, carpool or walk as many places as possible, but sometimes she says “life just seems to be so busy and the next thing you know, I have ten minutes to be at an appointment or meeting and even though I’d rather use an active form of transportation, I have to drive my car to arrive on time”. Now she plans ahead.

Starting April 1, Dawn committed to use active transportation and solidified her intentions by freezing her car keys in a bucket of water. The keys are now living at her friend’s house, out of her melting reach. “It’s been rather relaxing to not have a car, the only downside is the lack of ability to quickly go to the other side of town”. As long as she plans ahead, life is doable. She carpools with her neighbors for shopping, rides the bus downtown for events, or rides her bike for her normal 4 mile commute to work and school.

Apr 10

Come join us on Tuesday April 20th from 6PM to 8PM at the Midnight Sun Brewery to celebrate the unanimous passage of the Anchorage Bicycle Plan and kick off the spring commuting season! We have a lot of great events planned for the summer, but these events need volunteer support to make them happen. So we’re going to have sign up sheets for each of our volunteer driven events, and the first 30 people to sign up get a free beer, courtesy of the Midnight Sun Brewery!

We need volunteers for our Bike Valet Program which provides free and secure bike parking at some of Anchorage’s biggest summer events. We also need help manning the Coffee And Treats stations on the last Friday of each month through the summer.

If you are not sure what bike parking entails, check out our “Events” page for a description and a list of all the events. Also, we are always looking for volunteers with experience in grant writing, graphics design, and corporate outreach.

Join us Tuesday to raise a glass and toast the Anchorage Bicycle Plan and the great summer ahead of us!

Midnight Sun Brewing Company is located in South Anchorage on Dimond Hook Drive, a couple blocks North of Home Depot on Abbott Rd. Heading east on Dimond Blvd past Seward Hwy and Sandlewood Place, get in the left turn lane then do “the squiggle” to remain on E. Dimond Blvd. Turn left on Petersberg Street. Turn right on Dimond Hook Drive…brown block bldg.

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