Jan 30

Three years ago at Benson and A St, a van struck me as the driver made the illegal right turn as I rode through the crosswalk. There are three signs at this intersection clearly stating “No Right Turn On Red”. Yet drivers often still run the red light. I’ve had at least two other close calls at the same spot since my accident. So you can imagine my delight last week, when I got to witness APD pull over a SUV that had just run the light! Now, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t gleeful that a driver got busted (well, ok, maybe a little gleeful). I was just happy to see APD recognize the driver had not only broken the law, but potentially could have put me in danger. I wrote a letter to the editor thanking APD and also sent it to APD in case the Daily News didn’t print it. I was contacted by a seargent who told me that he would mention to the officers to keep an eye on Benson and A St.  So guess what I saw the next afternoon, on my afternoon commute home at the same place? Yep, that’s right! APD pulling over another driver after they had run the light too! So A Big Thank You to APD for watching over this tricky crosswalk!

Jan 29

BCA will have an informal meeting this Sunday, Jan 31, at Don Jose’s Mexican Restaraunt at 2052 East Northern Lights Boulevard, from 4PM – 6PM. You are welcome to join us. Likely topics will include updates on Title 9, discussion of the passage of the Anchorage Bike Plan, our upcoming Winter Bike Fest, and some exciting new grant opportunities. Join us to find out how you can help improve conditions in Anchorage for bike commuting!

Jan 20

Join the Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage on March 6 at the BP Energy Center, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM, for a Winter Bike Festival! Events will include a showing of the locally produced and award winning movie “Fat Bike”, a presentation by Roger Cowles about his trips to Nome via six wheeled bike, and a contest for the Most Visible Cyclist. We want to see the best you can do with bright clothing, lights, and reflective materials! Get creative! The winner will get prizes from local bike shops, and lucky audience members will get door prizes. Suggested donation for the Winter Bike Festival is $5-$10.

Jan 13

The Anchorage Bicycle Plan plan will be presented to the Anchorage Assembly in early March.  Ask your business for a letter of support or your community council to pass a resolution supporting the bicycle plan.  Supporters names will be updated. Congratulations to our early supporters and stay tuned for more communities and business names to be added. The whole fandangle group can be emailed at wwmas@muni.org or each member is found here.  Tell them what you think!!

The Anchorage Bicycle Plan in about 100 words.

  • Goal is to double utility bicycling ridership (aka commuting), reduce injuries by 30%, and improve connectivity.
  • Focus is on educating bicyclists and drivers about rights and responsibilities of sharing the road.
  • Establish Anchorage as a leader in bicycle ridership and infrastructure among northern cities and make bicycling an integral part of transportation in Anchorage.
  • Encourage and accommodate safe winter cycling.
  • Develop a policy that requires accommodation of bicyclists in all new road construction.

Supporters to date……

Scenic Foothills Community Council  (CC)       Rogers Park CC       Alaska Public Health Association

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Bike Team        Mountain View CC       North Star CC

Campbell Park CC     Your Clean Energy      Turnagain CC (TBA)       Southaddition CC (TBA)

Assemblyman Patrick Flynn       Assemblyman Matt Claman      Assemblywoman Elvi Gray-Jackson

REI      Paramount Cycles      Chain Reaction Cycles       Sunshine Sports      Speedway Cycles

Alaska Center for the Environment (ACE)

Jan 01

This year is an extremely important year for bike commuters in Anchorage. The Anchorage Bike Plan will be going before the Anchorage Assembly around mid February. We encourage every bike commuter, business or organization to get involved. Your involvement is critical and can be as simple as a short email to your assembly person.

Many cities in the lower 48 have realized the benefits of active transportation choices. We don’t want to be left behind. We have an leg up on some cities with our extensive greenbelt system that makes bike commuting convenient, safe and enjoyable for many. However, if you are not on the greenbelt system you have to deal with traffic, unsafe conditions and connectivity issues. The adoption of the Bike Plan will go a long way in making cyclists more comfortable on the road. The addition of bike lanes also sends a strong message to drivers; bikes have a right to be on the road.

BCA has developed a strategy to promote the Bike Plan. But, who is BCA? YOU are. We are not asking for money. We are asking for something much more valuable than that. We are asking for your time. Be a part of this historic event. Help Anchorage become more bike-friendly. Bike commuters represent a very small portion of the constituency. That’s why every voice  (your voice) counts. We need you because you are BCA.

To find out how you can get involved email BCA info@bicycleanchorage.org

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