Sep 28

Utility Biking

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Have you ever clicked on a YouTube video and then clicked the next related video then the next..? Well that’s what happened to me tonight. I found a link for cargo bikes and the next thing you know a half hour had passed. It got me to thinking. A lot of people just don’t realize the potential of a bicycle. Then I thought about my weekend. Here’s some real world, ‘Anchorage-specific’ examples of utility biking.

Friday- Remeber Coffee and Treats? OK people, what happened? (Much love to those who braved the rain)


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Sep 24

The League of American Bicyclists announced that the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) and Green Star, Inc. received Bike Friendly Business (BFB) designations at the gold and bronze levels, respectively.

Of the 45 new BFBs, only 2 businesses received platinum and five received gold designation.  That places ANTHC in some excellent bike-friendly company. Congratulations ANTHC. You have set the benchmark for the business community here in Anchorage.

The League made the announcement from the Interbike International Trade Show in Las Vegas today.  The Bicycle Friendly Business program recognizes employers’ efforts to encourage a more bicycle friendly atmosphere for employees and customers. The program honors innovative bike-friendly efforts and provides technical assistance and information to help companies and organizations become even better for bicyclists.

Congratulations to ANTHC and Green Star.

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Sep 21

coffee and treats - 8-27-09 3Friday, Sept. 25th is BCA’s last Coffee and Treats day of the year. We have had a great time getting to meet fellow commuters and learn about some of the issues and concerns you all face when riding your bike around town. Coffee and Treats isn’t just about handing out free coffee. Its about building a stronger bicycle community in Anchorage and connecting with fellow cyclists in a way those in cars never could. So even if you aren’t in to coffee, snacks or juice consider stopping by to say hi. And even if you are in a huge rush, please consider pulling over to quickly sign our two petitions – one that supports the adoption of the Anchorage Bicycle Plan and the other asking the Mayor to plow sidewalks this winter for pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

BCA’s stations will be located at:

  • Tudor/Elmore in ANTHC Parking lot.  From 6:30-9:00am
  • Chester Creek trail at Tikishla Park (just east of Lake Otis). From 7:45-8:45am
  • Campbell Creek trail just west of the Seward Highway (the infamous and soon to be re-engineered bridge crossing). 7:00am-8:45am.

If you would like to volunteer with one of the stations please let me know. Extra help is always welcome.

Sep 21

Tomorrow is Wold Car Free Day. How will you get to work?

carfree day logo

Please consider leaving the car at home and join participants from over 1,000 cities world wide. World Car Free Day is the annual apex of a global movement that promotes alternatives to a car-dependent society, including improvement of mass transit, cycling and walking, and the development of communities where jobs are closer to home and where shopping is within walking distance. Let World Car Free Day be a showcase for just how Anchorage might look like, feel like, and sound like without cars.  With the Municipality in the midst of considering the adoption of the Anchorage Bike Plan, this is a perfect opportunity to highlight the role bicycle transportation can play in improving the livability of Anchorage.

To learn more about World Car Free Day read this Washington Post article or check out the World Car Free website.

Sep 18

Last Friday, I was cc’ed on an e-mail from a concerned bicyclist to the Mayor. The bicyclist had come across a nasty gratewheel-sucking grate that could (and perhaps in the past has) spell great danger for an unaware rider. The letter noted that

These grates are extremely dangerous for bicyclist because the typical touring/commuting bike tire fits between the grates. The unsuspecting bicyclist could crash or be thrown off their bike into or near traffic or cause the bicyclist to serve into the traffic lane to avoid the grate.

After reviewing the e-mail I wondered what if anything would come of it.  Far surpassing BCA’s expectations, the Muni, with rapid response, fixed this problem.  By noon on Friday, literally in a matter of hours from reading the e-mail in the morning, the Muni had replaced the grate identified, as well as another grate with the same dangerous design.  For all those who made this happen, BCA applauds your effort. I know that several people were instrumental in making this happen. A special thanks to Steve Shrader, Dan Southard,  Bob Kniefel, Jerry Hansen, Duane Manny and Greg Jones (I apologize for those I have left out).  On behalf of all the bicyclists out there, BCA thanks you for your responsiveness.

Sep 15

For those concerned about the U-MED road proposal, there will be an informational meeting on the U-MED ROAD PROPOSALS that will examine the road through the U-Med district in Anchorage (near the hospitals and universities) and how it may impact on trails, open space, and park space.  All stakeholders in the project including the Municipality, universities, hospital, planning consultants, neighbors, and trails advocates are invited to sit down to learn about the planning process and offer suggestions and solutions.

Location is not yet determined – please contact Alli at for more information.

The following are the roads that have been/may be proposed for the U-Med District:

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Sep 11

The Anchorage Bicycle Plan draft has been released and will receive a public hearing at the Anchorage Planning and Zoning Commission meeting (6:30 11:30 PM) on Monday, September 14.

The meeting will take place at the Loussac Library Assembly Chambers. Note that the hearing opportunity for the bike plan will be later in the evening, after the P&Z has conducted most of its business.

The agenda for the Sept. 14 P&Z meeting can be found here:

BCA strongly encourages all bicyclists to consider stopping by and voicing your support for the Plan and any comments or concerns you may have with the Draft. Even if you only have a few minutes and cant wait for the opportunity to testify, you can at the very least sign in with BCA and we can pass on to P&Z know how many bicyclists came by to support the plan.

If we are serious about improving bicycle transportation in Anchorage (and making Anchorage more bicycle-friendly) then it is up to us, the Anchorage bicycling community, to come out to the hearing and show strong support for the Plan.  Please come out on the 14th to show your support. The more bicyclists that come out the stronger our voice.

After P&Z reviews and changes the Plan as it sees fit, the Draft Plan will be submitted to AMATS, where it can agree or disagree with changes to the Plan. The Anchorage Assembly will also get an opportunity to review the Pan and approve or disapprove of changes and pass those changes on to AMATS.

To access the Public Hearing Draft:

If you have questions about the plan you can email me at

We look forward to seeing lots of bicyclists at Loussac on the 14th.

Sep 04

Join the Safe Routes to School “Dear Congress” campaign and help spread the word
Deadline:  September 24, 2009

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership has just launched their “Dear Congress: Why Safe Routes to School is Important” campaign and they need all of our help to ensure that Congress gets the message that we care about how our kids get to school.  Obesity is a growing problem in Alaska and making sure children can walk or bike safely to school can be a great opportunity for kids to get a little exercise and fresh air. biking200

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership is striving to generate hundreds-if not thousands-of letters from children, parents, program staff and volunteers, and school and city leaders talking about why Safe Routes to School is important to individuals and communities and how it improves transportation, safety, health and the environment.
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Sep 01

For all the photographers out there – the Alliance for Bicycling and Walking has just launched a photo competition highlighting biking or walking photos. The grand prize winner gets a trip to Tuscany and if in Anchorage, BCA could receive a corresponding $1000 grant.  So submit your photos – and highlight what an incredible place Anchorage can be to ride your bike.

The Alliance for Bicycling and Walking Launches People Powered Movement Photo Contest

Washington, DC – September 1, 2009 – The Alliance for Biking & Walking is inviting photographers from across North America to turn their best biking and walking photos into a chance to win a 10-day all-expense-paid bike tour of Tuscany. The inaugural People Powered Movement Photo Contest, which runs from September 1st – December 11th, is seeking high quality and creative photos of biking and walking. Continue reading »

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