Jun 25

According to BTWD statistics compiled by the municipality through the survey filled out by BTWD participants, women outnumber men riders 53% to 47%. Congrats ladies!

Jun 24

Bike to work day has come and gone. We saw lots of folks come out on May 15th, despite the rain. But one day a year to celebrate and encourage biking to work is hardly enough. Since then, I have seen loads of folks getting around by bike. But sometimes folks need a little incentive or encouragement to get on the bike.

To provide that extra incentive, cities like Pittsburgh are launching campaigns to encourage commuters to leave their cars at home at least once a week.  They may call it Car Free Fridays, Gas Free Fridays, Bike Fridays. Regardless of what they call it, it means a day where the air is a little cleaner, the streets a little safer, and more people smiling rather than stressed. It is a day each week we can all look forward to, not just to welcome the weekend, but to welcome the use of smart transportation. If you want to help promote such a campaign or want to get your business to adopt a Car Free Fridays program, please contact us.

“How to Participate:

- First, don’t drive on Fridays!

- Second, encourage your friends not to drive

- Third, encourage your office to implement a program that awards those who don’t drive to work on Fridays.

- Contact BCA at info@bicycleanchorage to help get  Car Free Fridays campaign off the ground.

Jun 24

Secretary Ray La’Hood recently blogged that “We have a window of opportunity to think differently about transportation and propose bold, new approaches to improve the livability of our nation’s communities.” He also highlighted the new set of 6 Livability Principles to help enact that Livable Communities Initiative.

These six principles will help us coordinate federal transportation, environmental protection, and housing investments at our respective agencies. As I told the Senate Committee, “These principles mean that we will all be working off the same playbook to formulate and implement policies and programs.”

  1. Providing more transportation choices;
  2. Expanding access to affordable housing, particularly housing located close to transit;
  3. Enhancing economic competitiveness-–giving people access to jobs, education and services as well as giving businesses access to markets;
  4. Targeting federal funds toward existing communities to spur revitalization and protect rural landscapes;
  5. Increasing collaboration among federal, state, and local governments to better target investments and improve accountability;
  6. Valuing the unique qualities of all communities–whether urban, suburban, or rural.
Jun 23


AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – The bicycle is the means of transport used most often in Amsterdam. Between 2005 and 2007 people in the city used their bikes on average 0.87 times a day, compared to 0.84 for their cars. This is the first time that bicycle use exceeds car use.

In 2006 the inhabitants of Amsterdam engaged in some 2 million trips a day, an 8% reduction compared to 1990. This is due to the number of trips per person per day falling from 3.6 to 3.1%. The number of transfers has fallen in the old city within the ring road in particular.

The number of trips by car, compared to 1990, has fallen in all districts (-14%), whereas the number of trips by bicycle has only risen within the ring road (+36%). The bike is used most often in the town centre (41% versus an average of 28%) and the car least often (10% versus an average of 28%). This can be attributed to the restrictive parking policies enacted here since the 1990s.

‘Dienst Infrastructuur en Beheer’, the infrastructure department of the city registered approximately 235,000 car movements in both directions at the city centre in 1990; by 2006 this had fallen to 172,000, a decrease of over a quarter. Over the same period the number of daily movements by bicycle rose from 86,000 to over 140,000 (+60%).

Jun 23

In Columbia, Missouri, road rage against a bicyclist can land you in jail or with a $1000 fine. In Anchorage? Well at this time no. But the Muni is rewriting the traffic code and this could be a perfect time to encourage the Municipality to adopt a similar law.

Read the story here

Jun 19

BCA wanted to thank those that stopped by our stations today.

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